Friday, July 25, 2008

Importance of soft skills.

Hi friends,

I have been writing about soft skills and behavior skills in life and workplace eversince I chose to become a full time mother to my beautiful kids and started working as a freelance writer.

I have always felt that they have been given a rough shoulder by degrees and diplomas that we all rush to get and slog for all our life time. But if we see around the world many of the top businesses and best ideas have come from people who have been school drop outs. One of the most famous example being Bill Gates himself.

This is not to undermine the traditional eduation methods and wean people away from gaining their degrees and certificates , but a general thought about what those people had who succeeded without the formal education or what we -- having so many degrees and diplomas and certificates with us -- have been unable to achieve.

Of course, hard work and determination is important but a daily wage labourer also does a lot of hard work -- but he reamins where is -- probably all his life. So, what is different in them -- those who succeed ? There is no single theory that can explain -- it could be their creative ideas, their zeal for work, or even an eye for opportunity. But one thing I am sure, you will all agree -- they all possess excellent leadership qualities along with wonderful communications and interpersonal skills. All such qualities which are not taught at our prestigious B-schools and universities.

Stay tuned for some tips on these very special soft skills.

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