Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Me, my maid and my communication lessons (2)

I finally won! She seems to be responding well to me now. Guess, what I did differently? Nothing, except that I have started talking to her more than the usual. I am actually, a very quiet kind of a person and do not talk to people unless absolutely necessary. In all my dealings with people I stick to the normal and strictly related to work kind of attitude. I guess, it is different in workplace and at home. So, I decided to open up a bit more with my maid and results are encouraging to say the least. I asked her about her kids and family -- and she immeditaley responded though a bit surprised at first since I have not talked about family and personal things to her since I employed her 6 months back. But she did start talking - -- and I was surprised to learn that though she herself is illeterate , she is leaving no stones unturned to ger her two grand children study well. Actually, her daughter is also in same profession that is as a house maid , but she is determined that her daughter's kids study and get better jobs. Actually, our converstaion reminded me of long forgotton -- but timeless book -- How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carneige. In his book. he had mentioned that a sure shot way of getting close to a woman is to talk to her about her kids. How true ! Having experienced it first hand myself -- I am now even a greater fan of Mr Carneige. All those, who have not read it -- I reccomend it very strongly.

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