Saturday, July 26, 2008

Me, my maid and my communication lessons

I know, its tough managing a boss. But if you really liked my note on them, do drop in a comment.

Btw, I was just arguing with my maid over the cleaning work she is supposed to do. She just does not seem to listen. I must have told her a thousand time to clean properly but she just smiles back as if I am talking about rocket science. Now this is what I call a communication failure. A few days back i published an article on communication skills in one of the local newspaper. If you are interested , it can be seen at

So, you see I conside myself a bit of an expert on these skills. And that is why when my husband dear started laughing when he saw me arguing with my maid, I knew I had to do something about it. I tried all the techniques , I knew but to no avail I am really at a loss now -- can't really boot her out -- I have no heart to do all the cleaning myself and maids are hard to come by these days. She seems to have better sense on this issue and is exploiting the situation pretty well. But I am not going to give up --

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