Friday, July 25, 2008

Boss giving trouble? Manage him well !

The biggest trouble we face in our workplace is from bosses. It is always a problem to know what he/she is thinking about. Read on for some invaluable tips for taking the bull straight on !

When we think of managing someone, we usually think of managing our team members or subordinates, but managing our boss does not come into mind. But the relationship with our boss is probably the most important relationship we have at work. Proper boss management can lead to better performance and working life with job satisfaction.

What to do ? Read on.

1. Simple, make your boss look good. It is obvious that if subordinates do a good job, the bosses always reap the benefits. Of course, some of them never give credits where it is due but most of them do. So, if boss is happy, the subordinates will be happy. Before criticizing them , do remember that sometimes, they pay for your mistakes. The top management holds them responsible for not meeting deadlines or sloppy work, though it may not be entirely their fault. Thus they too have their own pressures and bosses and they too need a helping hand. So, instead of becoming one of their headaches, be prepared to help them sort out problems and they will help you in turn in achieving your goals and targets. Always remember, that they are the only person who can actually help you make a career if they want to and could be the person who may ruin your career if they want. So, why be on the wrong side of the picture. It definitely helps to make his/her life easier.

2. Be prepared. Always remember that they have other subordinate and other obligations besides your project, so do not expect them to be fully involved in your project. Be always prepared with facts and data for discussions or for filling him in. Do not try to overwhelm by giving all the technical details, overall summary and specific points are enough. Provide details only when asked. Give them the summary so that they know what you are doing. They will appreciate if they are kept in loop regarding your project without them asking for it.

3. Manage your small problems yourself. Do not waste their time by presenting small problems which you can handle at your level. A short note on the problem and how you solved it would be enough for them. But of course, highlight your contribution so that they know that it is because of you that the project is going smoothly. Do not try to capture their attention all the time, but on the other side, do not fade away either.

4. Make them their decision making simple. When you need a decision, make it simple for them by presenting the situation in a concise and factual manner. Do not give them hundred of pages to read, but provide summary. Suggest your solutions and give input and let them give the final decision. Once the decision is accepted by you , do not ever try to shake it off when things go wrong by putting the blame on the manager. Defend it as your own decision.

5.Do not focus on problems only. Do not be the messenger of bad news all the time. If you keep bringing only bad news, little by little you become the bad news yourself. By always focusing on problems, you tend to project yourself the problem creator. And yes, do not try to hide problems either. The boss will come to know of it sooner or later. So, it is better to keep him informed rather than let others do it for you or let him ask for it.

6. Managing boss is a subtle art. If you overdo it, it will look like that you are trying to impress and you will be alienated from your coworkers and colleagues. And even the boss will not take it kindly. A good boss never encourages flattery. The best possible route is to do it subtly by doing a good job, being responsible and aligning your interests with his priorities. Keep him informed and offer solutions along with the problems. In short, make his life easy and he/she will make your easy.

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