Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tips on Personality Development

Here are some tips to develop your personality.

All of us at some point in our life have admired leaders having a charismatic personality and secretly wished that we had some of that charisma in ourselves. Though charisma or inner charm cannot be acquired superficially, it is still possible to develop a well liked and admired personality.

There are many other qualities that make a fulsome personality than sheer physical beauty. This is not to undermine the importance of a beautiful face but it is not everything. The inner charm or personal magnetism is what actually makes someone very special. However when the two are combined the combination is irresistible.

A good attractive personality is always an advantage in any situation. People are drawn towards magnetic and attractive personalities and want to know all about them. It is exactly the reason why people are crazy about celebrities and devour every bit of news regarding them with interest.

So, what is the secret of developing a good personality?

By constant self appraisal and discipline, we can cultivate habits and attitudes that can develop our personality. These are not too difficult to follow and are qualities that we learn from our childhood but forget as we grow up.

1. Being courteous and friendly to everyone without bias and discrimination is a must. We are all so engrossed in ourselves that we fail to appreciate good work and people around us. Do not do so.

2. Be active in praising and pay attention to your friends, relatives, co workers by listening to them and taking interest in their lives. You do not have to go overboard by giving gifts , remembering birthdays etc, but even if it is a small nod of acknowledgement or encouragement, make sure it is genuine. Everyone can spot a fake and it does not help either.

3. Be kind and gentle to people. Everyone makes a mistake, be forgiving and importantly – differentiate between the mistake and the one committing mistake. True, it may cause a lot of trouble, but it is not going to end the world. So be forgiving and be gentle.

4. Perhaps the most important trait of good personality is its confidence. Self confidence or having confidence in yourself can make a huge difference in how people perceive you. If you unsure of yourself, you will be projecting the same image outside to others as well. And you can acquire confidence in your abilities by keeping your mind and body healthy.

5. Do not be selfish, be open to other people’s interests and try to be helpful.

6. Be clean and neat all the time.

7. Try to be happy and maintain a positive outlook to life. If you are at peace with yourself, you will radiate peace and happiness to others as well and people will feel comfortable talking and meeting you. .

8. Silence is Golden – an age old proverb, but useful nevertheless. Think before you speak Unnecessary comments or speaking without your turn are considered bad manners and no one actually wants to listen to people who try to show off all the time. You may be an expert in your field, but that does not give you the leeway to hijack conversations and turn them into me, me and me monologues. Successful people speak little and put their efforts into doing rather than showing. So be wise and speak only when you are required to and upto the limit of your knowledge. It is important to acquire wisdom in addition to knowledge which helps us to distinguish between right and wrong. Wisdom involves character. And a good character makes a good personality.

9. Develop your character by inculcating good behavior and discipline in your life. Let your inner charm and faith flow out and embrace others in its magnetic wrap. Charge yourself with strong willpower and faith in your abilities. And see the world fall at your feet.

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