Saturday, August 2, 2008

Time management

Here are some tips for Time management

Time is essence. Time is money. Sounds cliché! But it is true. Effective time management is the skill that sets apart effective people from ineffective ones. These skills help in focusing our selves on our dreams and aspirations and help us to achieve what we want to in our life. It is not just for working people but for persons in all spheres of life. Hence, it is essential that we manage our time as efficiently as possible. Here are some tips for managing our time effectively and which can make our life simpler:

1. First and foremost, learn to respect time. It is not going to wait for you. So, use it while you can. PRIORTIZE your work. Not all tasks are equally important. Learn to differentiate between important and unimportant ones.

2. Learn to DELEGATE. There is no pride in doing all the tasks yourself. Save your time and effort in doing the important tasks.

3. Use TECHNOLOGY effectively. Why walk down two floors to hand down reports or to the cubicle down the corridor for small things. Send an email or better, use telephone. Reduce these frequent jaunts to minimum.

5. Learn to say NO. Say no to frequent interruptions and distractions. Friends dropping in say hello or calling up to say good morning are real time wasters. Avoid them and better, tell them you are at work and would not like to be disturbed.

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