Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stress in student life - I

Student life in particular is increasingly becoming more and more complex and difficult with rise in the number of young people opting for higher studies as compared to previous years. The students in fact, never had it so good before. There is a plethora of job opportunities and various new and exciting career avenues which they can take up today.

But with all these good things comes responsibility. The responsibility is towards their own self to realize their own potential, to their friends and family and to the society at large. Since the youth today are more confident and seek independence pretty early in life, they also have to cope with the consequences of their own independent decisions and here in lies the challenge to which they must rise. When the students go headlong into the process of being independent without realizing the responsibility that comes with independence, the conflict arises. And this is when the stress kicks in. The balance which is required is missing and then the promises being to break and falter.

It has been seen that about 50% of American students who enter college do not complete their graduation. And as per U.S. Census figures, only 6 out of every 10 high school seniors go on to college in the following year. The main reason for this dropout has been attributed to the high stress and complexity involved in college studies.

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