Friday, October 17, 2008

Importance of Team work and Team Building

Team work is all about working together for a common goal or objective. It is obvious that no one person is capable of doing all the work. It is for this purpose that teams are formed.

Teams can not only work faster but also more efficiently. Sometimes, when confronted with a somewhat difficult problem, managers form a team to look into its different aspects and find a solution. The idea is that “Several heads are better than one”. The discussions, ideas that flow between the team members have better opportunity to be explored. Thus it is a common practice to use team or group to solve a particular problem.

From an individualistic point of view, an individual has to interact with different people. As a new comer, you are always part of one team or a group. In a department, individual goals are always linked with the team goals or the departmental goals. Hence it becomes imperative that you should know how to work in a Group or a team.

But the question is : How does an effective team work help an Individual?

Simply put team goals generally have more weightage than the individual goals. Underachievement of team goals do not go well with the top management as they will not bring the desired results. Although individual goals are equally important, organizations do not thrive on individual brilliance. Organizations are not individuals – they are a collection of individuals. Therefore, companies stress on good and cohesive teams and try to encourage a team spirit in their employees. A cohesive team can fulfill all its goals and objectives which in turn will benefit each and every individual in the team.

Even from an employee point of view, working in good teams helps to bring out the strengths of each employee. No one wants to work in a team where members backbite or try to discredit each other. Every one is looking for an environment which is conducive to work and where there is a degree of mutual respect and trust for each other.

Companies look for this very quality when recruiting new people.

Thus to be effective in a team and become a good team worker you must:

1. Encourage and display a friendly and cooperative behavior.

2. Treat everyone as you want others to treat you.

3. Work as per the team requirement and not for or at your own convenience.

4. A helpful attitude goes a long way in fostering team spirit.

5. Be open and be willing to contribute

6. Develop a relaxed climate for communication

7. Establishes clear goals and targets

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